Dalilah is a strong, young woman. She discusses the feelings of isolation she felt as a child and how she has dealt with them. She reflects on how dance has given her a way to express herself. You can hear her maturity in how she speaks. You can see her confidence in how she dances.

“When I was younger, I kind of felt like the odd fox, especially because no one else really understood what sickle cell was for a while. Because no one else [I knew] had it.”

— Dalilah

Understanding the Symptoms of Sickle Cell

Dalilah discusses the symptoms of having sickle cell and how they can be different for everyone. Her sickle cell mostly affects her lungs. But she is even more affected by the misconceptions that people have about the condition. And she has experienced a feeling of isolation because of sickle cell. As a strong, young woman, she has dealt with these painful experiences and grown from them.

Dalilah’s Truth: Self-Care

Dalilah talks about the things she does to take care of her body and her mind. These start with paying attention to what she feels, both physically and mentally. Remember, it is important to talk to your doctor about how best to manage your health and to come up with your own plan. As a dancer, she has to be very mindful of her body’s limits. Dancing has been a way for her to practice paying attention to her body. It provides a creative outlet for expression. Learn tools to thrive with sickle cell.

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